davidpiken.wordpress.comAbout me? I’m a health nut…not in the sense that I eat “perfect” and exercise all the time and never do anything “fun.” I know a lot about living a healthy lifestyle.

I’m really just a normal guy and I do most of the things everyone else does. I use the same excuses, I like the same food and I’m sometimes guilty of not doing as I say.”
Overall I like to be active, I like to eat pretty clean. I spent an entire year tracking what I ate, I didn’t drink alcohol, eat sugar or refined foods. I did some other things. I learned to make yogurt and dehydrate fruit. I cooked a lot and spent lots of time preparing food. I have never felt better in my entire life than I did during that year.
I had amazing energy, I slept like a rock, I didn’t get sick, my skin was as clear. I noticed things I didn’t think I would notice like my finger nails hardened, my senses improved, not to mention the medical benefits of lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and weight loss. I generally experienced a level of vitality that I hadn’t known previously. Since that time, life has changed and I am not quite as disciplined as I was then but I am happy and I live a healthy lifestyle.
When I work with clients, I take a realistic approach to help them figure out how wellness can fit in to their lives to help them reach their wellness goals. I feel lucky to be able to help people achieve things they never thought they would or could and it gives me great pleasure to watch them learn and grow.

David Piken is a personal trainer and life coach specializing in guiding people on their quest to change. With a passion for making a difference and a love of teaching. Using his ten plus years of experience and perspective to lead individuals through a process of identifying the life they want to live and learning how to set behavioral goals to achieve that life. For the last ten years he has practiced as a personal trainer and helped hundreds of people adopt new behaviors leading to healthful results.

Using proven techniques David works with each individual to build self-efficacy, work on personal development, and identify key values that will keep them motivated and working towards their best life.

David has worked with every sort of wellness goal, has seen hundreds of different diet and exercise fads come and go and knows that nothing is a substitute for putting in the work. A voracious learner, David is constantly looking for information that may benefit the people he works with and continues to stay up to date on the ever evolving world of health and wellness.

David’s Philosophy

Don’t take anyone else’s definition of success as your own.