Last night I read a simple story about kindness. The moral is that kindness is more productive than force. Seems like a no brainer but its not quite as easy as you think.

Think of your last several interactions with people who may have done something that didn’t sit quite right. How did you approach them? What was the result? Did you consider the other person’s perspective? If you didn’t, can you, and do you think you may have gotten a different reaction?

The story starts with a debate between the wind and the sun about which is stronger. “I’ll prove I am.” says the wind. See the man in the jacket “down there” sitting on a bench. “I bet I can make him take off his jacket faster than you.” So the sun goes behind a cloud and the wind howls and blows which only makes the man hunker down and pull the jacket tightly around himself. Frustrated the wind gives up and the sun comes out from behind the cloud and smiles kindly upon the man. Soon the man, wiping his brow removes his jacket. The sun reminds the wind that gentleness and friendliness are always stronger than forcefulness and fury.

Gentleness and friendliness are always stronger than forcefulness and fury.

Relationships are arguably our most valuable possession yet they must be nurtured with the utmost attention and care.

Remember that the next time something hurts you or upsets you. It’s ok to say something, in fact I think its critical. Give some consideration to the other person’s perspective, put yourself in their position and think of how you might like the message to be delivered. It’s not easy but its worth it. Just remember that gentleness and kindness are always stronger than forcefulness and fury.