There is a lot of information about reinventing yourself. Self help books are everywhere. Magazines are constantly telling us how to do all the things that we think will make us look and feel better. 

Reading a book or magazine may be temporarily motivating but it takes practice to turn that motivation into something substantial. I read to learn and often I feel excited by the possibilities that I imagine. In my experience it can just as quickly turn to disappointment if I don’t follow through. 

Gratitude is a practice.


James Altucher writes in his blog “The Altucher Confidentiial” that it’s important to connect the mundane with the miraculous. He goes on to say that he makes a list of 10 miracles in his life every day. I’m sure that it didn’t start that way. At one point in time he decided to start making a list of miracles as a practice. 

Read his blog and tell him your miracles and then please come back here and tell me.

A few of my miracles:

1) My daughter told me after the first day of school that she “thinks this is going to be the best year ever” There is no better feeling than to hear the excitement in your children’s words.

2) My son starts guitar lessons today and I was able to change my work schedule so I can take him.

3) I learned that a friend was written up in a local magazine and I woke up to an email with a link to the article this morning. Farming Inside the Box

This can become a habit because thinking about the miracles in your life makes you feel happy.

Please take the time to write about your miracles because you will feel better if you do.