With football season in full swing and countless excuses about eating nachos and wings and why we don’t have time to eat healthy. Let’s take a moment to reconsider the connection between the game and the food we eat. 


Hardly anyone needs to be told the following foods aren’t healthy.

  • Buffalo “anything”
  • Anything served with liquified cheese
  • Chips
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pizza
  • Chinese Appetizers


While there may be vegetables in a quesadilla, its not likely to offset what else is in it. Frankly many times the only green you can see on the table of “football food” is the green frosting(grass) on the football themed cupcakes. 


It doesn’t have to be a nutritional train wreck.

When you get invited to a a friends house to watch the game there can be a lot of social pressure to not be the “party pooper” who doesn’t want to eat junk food. There’s teasing and “good natured” ribbing etc. that can make anyone feel like they can make an exception “this” time. There’s an exceptional article in this month’s issue of “Experience Life” Magazine that talks about one woman’s (Courtney Lewis Opdahl follow her blog Coming Clean) struggle with this issue in detail. There’s no doubt it can be difficult but it’s not impossible and it can have a positive effect on the people you care about. 

It can be hard to feel like the odd ball, especially among friends, a lot of whom are less than sympathetic to your feelings. Embrace the way you choose to be. In his blog Zenhabits, Leo Babauta writes a great piece called “Overcoming the Social Costs of Being Different.”

Here’s what to do when your friends invite you over.

  1. Ask them what you can bring. If they say “nothing” or “we’re all set, just bring yourself,” simply tell them that you don’t feel comfortable coming empty handed which gives you permission to bring anything you want. 
  2. Say “I’d love to come, I’ll bring the veggies/salad.” This way there’s at least one healthy choice on the table.
  3. I saw this recipe for insert recipe name I want to try. If you don’t have one in mind, try this recipe for loaded sweet potato skins or one of your own. There’s thousands of good recipes online. If all else fails or the cooking doesn’t go well, you can always stop at the supermarket and on the way over.

It takes willpower and perhaps a little courage at first but you can do it and in my experience, most of the time people appreciate it and over time may even adopt some of your healthful ways.

Good Luck